Commit 4b52e779 authored by Luc Teirlinck's avatar Luc Teirlinck
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(custom-theme-set-variables): Handle variable aliases.

parent b7a2a696
......@@ -777,7 +777,7 @@ in SYMBOL's list property `theme-value' \(using `custom-push-theme')."
(while args
(let ((entry (car args)))
(if (listp entry)
(let* ((symbol (nth 0 entry))
(let* ((symbol (indirect-variable (nth 0 entry)))
(value (nth 1 entry))
(now (nth 2 entry))
(requests (nth 3 entry))
......@@ -809,7 +809,7 @@ in SYMBOL's list property `theme-value' \(using `custom-push-theme')."
(message "Warning: old format `custom-set-variables'")
(sit-for 2)
(let ((symbol (nth 0 args))
(let ((symbol (indirect-variable (nth 0 args)))
(value (nth 1 args)))
(put symbol 'saved-value (list value))
(custom-push-theme 'theme-value symbol theme 'set value))
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