Commit 4b6f7dc9 authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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(completion--try-word-completion): Disable partial-completion when

considering the addition of a space or hyphen.
parent d7fa495a
......@@ -615,14 +615,9 @@ input if confirmed."
(let ((exts '(" " "-"))
(before (substring string 0 point))
(after (substring string point))
;; If the user hasn't entered any text yet, then she
;; presumably hits SPC to see the *completions*, but
;; partial-completion will often find a " " or a "-" to match.
;; So disable partial-completion in that situation.
(or (and (equal string "")
(remove 'partial-completion completion-styles))
;; Disable partial-completion for this.
(remove 'partial-completion completion-styles))
(while (and exts (not (consp tem)))
(setq tem (completion-try-completion
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