Commit 4b7ab1c4 authored by Andreas Schwab's avatar Andreas Schwab
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(apply_modifiers): Fix typo.

parent 1b275743
2007-11-29 Andreas Schwab <>
* keyboard.c (apply_modifiers): Fix typo.
2007-11-29 Richard Stallman <>
* keymap.c (Fcurrent_local_map): Doc fix.
......@@ -6588,7 +6588,7 @@ apply_modifiers (modifiers, base)
modifiers &= INTMASK;
if (INTEGERP (base))
return make_number (XINT (base) & modifiers);
return make_number (XINT (base) | modifiers);
/* The click modifier never figures into cache indices. */
cache = Fget (base, Qmodifier_cache);
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