Commit 4bcec9a2 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Copy the table of tested combinations of development

tools from confuigure.bat.  Add suggestion to install Bash on
Windows 9X.
parent 4ad25e43
......@@ -6,8 +6,35 @@
support and a port of GNU make. You can use the Cygwin ports of GCC,
but Emacs requires the Mingw headers and libraries to build.
If you build Emacs on Windows 9X or ME, not on Windows 2000 or
Windows/NT, we suggest to install the Cygwin port of Bash.
Please see for pointers to GCC/Mingw binaries.
For reference, here is a list of which builds of GNU make are known
to work or not, and whether they work in the presence and/or absence
of sh.exe, the Cygwin port of Bash.
sh exists no sh
cygwin b20.1 make (3.75): okay[1] fails[2]
MSVC compiled gmake 3.77: okay okay
MSVC compiled gmake 3.78.1: okay okay
MSVC compiled gmake 3.79.1: okay okay
mingw32/gcc-2.92.2 make (3.77): okay[4] okay
cygwin compiled gmake 3.77: okay[1] fails[2]
cygwin compiled gmake 3.78.1: okay fails[2]
cygwin compiled gmake 3.79.1: couldn't build make[3]
[1] doesn't cope with makefiles with DOS line endings, so must mount
emacs source with text!=binary.
[2] fails when needs to invoke shell commands; okay invoking gcc etc.
[3] requires LC_MESSAGES support to build; maybe 2.95.x update to
cygwin provides this?
[4] may fail on Windows 9X and Windows ME; if so, install Bash.
Configuration of Emacs is now handled by running configure.bat in the
......@@ -72,6 +99,11 @@ Trouble-shooting:
addsection.c relies on. Versions of from at least
1999-11-18 onwards are okay.
If configure succeeds, but make fails, install the Cygwin port of
Bash, even if the table above indicates that Emacs should be able to
build without sh.exe. (Some versions of Windows shells are too dumb
for Makefile's used by Emacs.)
You should be able to debug Emacs using the debugger that is
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