Commit 4be9beaf authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(quail-update-leim-list-file): Fix message syntax.

parent 6f76277f
......@@ -1981,7 +1981,7 @@ of each directory."
;; Delete the remaining contents because it seems that
;; this file is broken.
(message "Garbages in %s deleted" leim-list)
(message "Garbage in %s deleted" leim-list)
(delete-region pos (point-max)))))))
;; Search for `quail' subdirector under each DIRNAMES.
......@@ -1992,7 +1992,7 @@ of each directory."
(setq dirname (expand-file-name quail-directory-name (car l)))
(if (file-readable-p dirname)
(setq quail-dirs (cons dirname quail-dirs))
(message "%s doesn't has `%s' subdirectory, just ignored"
(message "%s doesn't have `%s' subdirectory, just ignored"
(car l) quail-directory-name)
(setq quail-dirs (cons nil quail-dirs)))
(setq l (cdr l)))
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