Commit 4c0dce4b authored by Mattias Engdegård's avatar Mattias Engdegård

Calc: use big brackets around function arguments

* lisp/calc/calccomp.el (math-compose-expr): Use big brackets around
arguments in Big mode, so that expressions like sin(a/b) look a bit
parent 561197e5
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......@@ -822,9 +822,16 @@
(if (setq spfn (get calc-language 'math-func-formatter))
(funcall spfn func a)
(list 'horiz func calc-function-open
(math-compose-vector (cdr a) ", " 0)
(let ((args (math-compose-vector (cdr a) ", " 0)))
(if (and (member calc-function-open '("(" "[" "{"))
(member calc-function-close '(")" "]" "}")))
(list 'horiz func
(string-to-char calc-function-open)
(string-to-char calc-function-close)
(list 'horiz func calc-function-open
args calc-function-close))))))))))))
(defun math-prod-first-term (x)
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