Commit 4c56b88e authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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parent 8ed8f294
1999-11-11 Gerd Moellmann <>
* mwheel.el: Fix copyright notice, don't require 'cl at run time.
* isearch.el: Add lazy-highlighting feature.
1999-11-10 Peter Kleiweg <>
......@@ -116,7 +116,7 @@
(put 'feedmail-spray 'custom-loads '("feedmail"))
(put 'gnus-treading 'custom-loads '("gnus-sum"))
(put 'strokes 'custom-loads '("strokes"))
(put 'mouse 'custom-loads '("mouse" "menu-bar" "avoid" "goto-addr" "mouse-sel" "msb" "strokes" "tooltip"))
(put 'mouse 'custom-loads '("mouse" "menu-bar" "avoid" "goto-addr" "mouse-sel" "msb" "mwheel" "strokes" "tooltip"))
(put 'nnmail-various 'custom-loads '("nnmail"))
(put 'extensions 'custom-loads '("generic" "iswitchb" "time-stamp" "wid-edit" "cust-print" "eldoc" "page-ext"))
(put 'appt 'custom-loads '("appt"))
......@@ -378,7 +378,7 @@
(put 'shadow 'custom-loads '("shadowfile" "shadow"))
(put 'hl-line 'custom-loads '("hl-line"))
(put 'internal 'custom-loads '("startup" "cus-edit"))
(put 'lisp 'custom-loads '("simple" "lisp" "lisp-mode" "cmuscheme" "ielm" "backquote" "xscheme" "advice" "bytecomp" "checkdoc" "cl-indent" "cust-print" "edebug" "elp" "find-func" "pp" "shadow" "trace" "scheme"))
(put 'lisp 'custom-loads '("simple" "lisp" "lisp-mode" "cmuscheme" "backquote" "ielm" "xscheme" "advice" "bytecomp" "checkdoc" "cl-indent" "cust-print" "edebug" "elp" "find-func" "pp" "shadow" "trace" "scheme"))
(put 'local 'custom-loads '("calendar"))
(put 'rlogin 'custom-loads '("rlogin"))
(put 'debugger 'custom-loads '("debug"))
......@@ -424,6 +424,7 @@
(put 'supercite-attr 'custom-loads '("supercite"))
(put 'fortune 'custom-loads '("fortune"))
(put 'diff-mode 'custom-loads '("diff-mode"))
(put 'isearch-lazy-highlight 'custom-loads '("isearch"))
(put 'gnus-asynchronous 'custom-loads '("gnus" "gnus-async"))
(put 'vcursor 'custom-loads '("vcursor"))
(put 'iso-ascii 'custom-loads '("iso-ascii"))
......@@ -528,7 +529,7 @@
(custom-put-if-not 'custom-button-face 'custom-version "21.1")
(custom-put-if-not 'custom-button-face 'group-documentation nil)
(custom-put-if-not 'cursor 'custom-version "21.1")
(custom-put-if-not 'cursor 'group-documentation "Cursor on frames.")
(custom-put-if-not 'cursor 'group-documentation "Displaying text cursors.")
(custom-put-if-not 'find-tag-marker-ring-length 'custom-version "20.3")
(custom-put-if-not 'find-tag-marker-ring-length 'standard-value t)
(custom-put-if-not 'input-mode-8-bit 'custom-version "21.1")
......@@ -665,6 +666,8 @@
(custom-put-if-not 'header-line 'group-documentation nil)
(custom-put-if-not 'easy-menu-precalculate-equivalent-keybindings 'custom-version "20.3")
(custom-put-if-not 'easy-menu-precalculate-equivalent-keybindings 'standard-value t)
(custom-put-if-not 'debugger-batch-max-lines 'custom-version "21.1")
(custom-put-if-not 'debugger-batch-max-lines 'standard-value t)
(custom-put-if-not 'desktop-enable 'custom-version "20.3")
(custom-put-if-not 'desktop-enable 'standard-value t)
(custom-put-if-not 'vc-dired-terse-display 'custom-version "20.3")
......@@ -672,7 +675,7 @@
(custom-put-if-not 'eval-expression-print-level 'custom-version "21.1")
(custom-put-if-not 'eval-expression-print-level 'standard-value t)
(defvar custom-versions-load-alist '(("20.3.3" "dos-vars") ("20.4" "sh-script" "help" "compile") ("21.1" "paths" "sgml-mode" "cus-edit" "simple") ("20.3" "desktop" "easymenu" "hscroll" "dabbrev" "ffap" "rmail" "paren" "mailabbrev" "frame" "uce" "mouse" "diary-lib" "sendmail" "debug" "avoid" "hexl" "vcursor" "vc" "compile" "etags" "help" "browse-url" "add-log" "find-func" "vc-hooks" "cus-edit" "replace"))
(defvar custom-versions-load-alist '(("20.3.3" "dos-vars") ("20.4" "sh-script" "help" "compile") ("21.1" "debug" "paths" "sgml-mode" "cus-edit" "simple") ("20.3" "desktop" "easymenu" "hscroll" "dabbrev" "ffap" "rmail" "paren" "mailabbrev" "frame" "uce" "mouse" "diary-lib" "sendmail" "debug" "avoid" "hexl" "vcursor" "vc" "compile" "etags" "help" "browse-url" "add-log" "find-func" "vc-hooks" "cus-edit" "replace"))
"For internal use by custom.")
(provide 'cus-load)
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