Commit 4cb0bdd6 authored by Mark Oteiza's avatar Mark Oteiza
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Some cleanup in message.el

* lisp/gnus/message.el (message-cross-post-insert-note):
(message-strip-forbidden-properties): Mark unused args.
(message-canlock-generate): Remove extinct variable
(message-make-mail-followup-to): Use loop's thereis clause.
parent 7d1115e0
......@@ -2325,7 +2325,7 @@ With prefix-argument just set Follow-Up, don't cross-post."
(setq message-cross-post-old-target target-group))
(defun message-cross-post-insert-note (target-group cross-post in-old
"Insert a in message body note about a set Followup or Crosspost.
If there have been previous notes, delete them. TARGET-GROUP specifies the
group to Followup-To. When CROSS-POST is t, insert note about
......@@ -2843,7 +2843,7 @@ These properties are essential to work, so we should never strip them."
(eq message-mail-alias-type type)
(memq type message-mail-alias-type)))
(defun message-strip-forbidden-properties (begin end &optional old-length)
(defun message-strip-forbidden-properties (begin end &optional _old-length)
"Strip forbidden properties between BEGIN and END, ignoring the third arg.
This function is intended to be called from `after-change-functions'.
See also `message-forbidden-properties'."
......@@ -4842,17 +4842,13 @@ command evaluates `message-send-mail-hook' just before sending a message."
(run-hooks 'message-send-mail-hook)
(defvar sha1-maximum-internal-length)
(defun message-canlock-generate ()
"Return a string that is non-trivial to guess.
Do not use this for anything important, it is cryptographically weak."
(require 'sha1)
(let (sha1-maximum-internal-length)
(sha1 (concat (message-unique-id)
(format "%x%x%x" (random) (random) (random))
(prin1-to-string (recent-keys))
(prin1-to-string (garbage-collect))))))
(prin1-to-string (garbage-collect)))))
(defvar canlock-password)
(defvar canlock-password-for-verify)
......@@ -5852,7 +5848,7 @@ subscribed address (and not the additional To and Cc header contents)."
(let ((list
(loop for recipient in recipients
when (loop for regexp in mft-regexps
when (string-match regexp recipient) return t)
thereis (string-match regexp recipient))
return recipient)))
(when list
(if only-show-subscribed
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