Commit 4cbcfa9c authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(gnus-group-suspend): Be sure to bury the right buffer.

parent 2f5ed2e8
......@@ -1689,14 +1689,16 @@ The hook gnus-suspend-gnus-hook is called before actually suspending."
(run-hooks 'gnus-suspend-gnus-hook)
;; Kill GNUS buffers except for Group Mode buffer.
(let ((buffers gnus-buffer-list))
(let ((buffers gnus-buffer-list)
(group-buf (get-buffer gnus-group-buffer)))
(while buffers
(and (not (eq (car buffers) gnus-group-buffer))
(get-buffer (car buffers))
(kill-buffer (car buffers)))
(setq buffers (cdr buffers))
(bury-buffer group-buf)
(delete-windows-on group-buf t)))
(defun gnus-group-exit ()
"Quit reading news after updating .newsrc.
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