Commit 4cbe53b4 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

Kevin Ryde <user42 at>

Fix names of some elements.
parent b1c8242b
2009-07-10 Kevin Ryde <>
* compilation.txt: Fix names of some elements.
2009-07-08 Glenn Morris <>
* tutorials/TUTORIAL: Standardize the way M-x commands are written:
......@@ -396,7 +396,7 @@ symbol: gcov-file gcov-bb-file gcov-never-called-line gcov-called-line
* Podchecker error messages, per Pod::Checker
symbol: compilation-perl--Pod::Checker
symbol: perl--Pod::Checker
*** ERROR: Spurious text after =cut at line 193 in file
*** ERROR: =over on line 37 without closing =back at line EOF in file
......@@ -405,21 +405,21 @@ symbol: compilation-perl--Pod::Checker
* Perl Test module error messages
symbol: compilation-perl--Test
symbol: perl--Test
# Failed test 1 in foo.t at line 6
* Perl Test::Harness output
symbol: compilation-perl--Test::Harness
symbol: perl--Test::Harness
NOK 1# Test 1 got: "1234" (t/foo.t at line 46)
* Perl HTML::Lint::Error::as_string()
symbol: compilation-weblint
symbol: weblint
index.html (13:1) Unknown element <fdjsk>
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