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(Adaptive Fill): Just describe default,

don't show it (since it contains non-ASCII chars).
parent 714356ab
......@@ -1741,21 +1741,8 @@ Adaptive Fill mode matches this regular expression against the text
starting after the left margin whitespace (if any) on a line; the
characters it matches are that line's candidate for the fill prefix.
@c omit binary characters not in the standard TeX fonts, to avoid warnings.
@w{@code{"[ \t]*\\([-!|#%;>*]+[ \t]*\\|(?[0-9]+[.)][ \t]*\\)*"}}
@end iftex
@w{@code{"[ \t]*\\([-!|#%;>*·•‣⁃◦]+[ \t]*\\|(?[0-9]+[.)][ \t]*\\)*"}}
@end ifnottex
is the default value.
(A few control characters are in the default value that are not visible here.)
@end iftex
This matches a number enclosed in parentheses or followed by a period,
or certain punctuation characters, or any sequence of these
intermingled with whitespace. In particular, it matches a sequence of
whitespace, possibly empty.
The default value matches whitespace with certain punctuation
characters intermingled.
@end defopt
@defopt adaptive-fill-first-line-regexp
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