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Got rid of all byte-compiler warnings on Emacs Load

ada-xref.el before ada-prj.el, so that the Project menu is created
when ada-prj tries to add to it.
(ada-activate-keys-for-case): Suppress the characters that are not
part of the Ada syntax. Better compatibility with else-mode
(ada-adjust-case-interactive): When auto-casing is not active,
correctly insert newlines (used to insert only ^M).  Prevent the
syntax table from being changed in case of an error
(or '_' becomes part of a word and some commands are confused).
Do nothing if ada-auto-case is nil.
(ada-after-keyword-p): Ignore keywords that are also attributes
(ada-batch-reformat): Update usage comment
(ada-call-from-contextual-menu): New function
(ada-case-read-exceptions): Reinitialize the casing exception list
first to nil first, so that the casing exception file can be
(ada-check-defun-name): Handles "configure" keyword for gnatdist
(ada-compile-goto-error): Fix regexp used to detect a file:line
anywhere in the error message
(ada-contextual-menu-last-point): New variable
(ada-create-keymap): If the variable delete-key-deletes-forward is
t on XEmacs, it means that DEL should delete one character
(ada-create-menu): Use :included instead of :visible for XEmacs.
New submenu "Options".
(ada-end-stmt-re): Correctly indent "select ... then abort"
(ada-fill-comment-paragraph): Correctly delete all leading '--'
even if they don't match ada-fill-comment-prefix Fix handling of
paragraphs on the first or last line of a file.
(ada-format-paramlist): Fix handling of default parameter values.
(ada-get-body-name): New function.
(ada-get-current-indent): Optimized by searchling directly for an
existing generic part or a statement outside of it.  Handle
ada-indent-align-comments when indenting comments Replaced some
regexps by testing directly the next character. This results in a
huge speedup on some files.  New indentation scheme for renames
statements.  Stop looking for the 'while' or 'for' associated with
a 'loop' at the first semicolon encountered.  A "return" can also
match an anonymous access subprogram declaration.
(ada-get-indent-noindent): Ignore strings and comments when
looking for the keywords "record" and "private".
(ada-goto-matching-decl-start): When matching "if", make sure we
are not in fact seeing "end if".  Ignore "when" statements except
when initial keyword was "begin".  Fix handling of nested
procedures.  Add a recursive call to this function to skip over
other 'end' statmts.  Fix indentation for "when .. => begin"
(ada-in-open-paren-p): Fix indentation for complex boolean
expressions, where 'and then', 'or else' and parenthesis
statements are mixed up.
(ada-in-paramlist-p): Skip comments while searching for the
beginning Fix handling of operator declarations.
(ada-indent-align-comments): New variable
(ada-indent-current): Change the syntax table only in the
protected section, so that we are sure it is restored correctly.
(ada-indent-on-previous-lines): Use ada-use-indent and
ada-with-indent Correctly indent "select ... then"
(ada-indent-region): Slight speedup.
(ada-indent-renames): New variable.
(ada-last-which-function-subprog, ada-last-which-function-line):
New variables
(ada-looking-at-semi-private): Correctly indent the 'private'
keyword when it is the first word in a package declaration.
(ada-loose-case-word): Stop searching if at the end of the buffer.
(ada-loose-case-word, ada-capitalize-word): Recase the whole word
even if point is not initially at the end of the word.
(ada-matching-decl-start-re): Add "when".
(ada-mode): Add support for abbrev-mode, outline-mode and
which-func-mode Override the old find-file.el entry in
ff-special-constructs since it is using the obsolete
ada-spec-suffix variable
(ada-no-auto-case): New function
(ada-scan-paramlist): When parsing the argument type, accept
spaces (as in "X 'Class", generated by Rational Rose).
(ada-other-file-name): No longer loads the other file.
(ada-popup-menu): Save and restore the current buffer and cursor
position before and after displaying the menu.
(ada-search-ignore-complex-boolean): New function.
(ada-uncomment-region): Emacs21 already knows how to delete
comments not starting in the first column.
(ada-use-indent): New variable
(ada-which-function): New function.
(ada-with-indent): New variable
(ada-xemacs): evaluate it at compile time too, so that ada-mode.el
can be batch-compiled from the command line.
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