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......@@ -923,12 +923,10 @@ the new dialog.
** Mouse changes:
*** New display feature: focus follows the mouse from one Emacs window
to another, even within a frame. If you set the variable
mouse-autoselect-window to non-nil value, moving the mouse to a
different Emacs window will select that window (minibuffer window can
be selected only when it is active). The default is nil, so that this
feature is not enabled.
*** If you set the new variable `mouse-autoselect-window' to a non-nil
value, windows are automatically selected as you move the mouse from
one Emacs window to another, even within a frame. A minibuffer window
can be selected only when it is active.
*** On X, when the window manager requires that you click on a frame to
......@@ -996,7 +994,7 @@ mouse-wheel-inhibit-click-time variables.
*** Under X, mouse-wheel-mode is turned on by default.
** Mule changes:
** Multilingual Environment (Mule) changes:
*** Language environment and various default coding systems are setup
......@@ -1632,7 +1630,7 @@ before calling it, if used while defining a macro.
In addition, when ending or calling a macro with C-x e, the macro can
be repeated immediately by typing just the `e'. You can customize
this behavior via the variable kmacro-call-repeat-key and
this behavior via the variables kmacro-call-repeat-key and
Keyboard macros can now be debugged and edited interactively.
2005-08-15 Kim F. Storm <>
* emulation/cua-base.el (cua-delete-region): Return t if
deleted region was non-empty.
(cua-replace-region): Inhibit overwrite-mode for
self-insert-command if replaced region was non-empty.
(cua--explicit-region-start, cua--status-string): Make them
buffer-local at top-level...
(cua-mode): ...rather than when mode is enabled.
2005-08-15 Thien-Thi Nguyen <>
* progmodes/vhdl-mode.el (vhdl-emacs-21):
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