Commit 4cddca30 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* files.el (parse-colon-path): Return nil for empty path elements.

Fixes: debbugs:13296
parent 6861432e
2012-12-31 Glenn Morris <>
* files.el (parse-colon-path): Doc fix. (Bug#12351)
Return nil for empty path elements. (Bug#13296)
2012-12-31 Fabián Ezequiel Gallina <fgallina@cuca>
* progmodes/python.el (python-nav-end-of-statement): Rewrite in
......@@ -660,11 +660,14 @@ Not actually set up until the first time you use it.")
"Explode a search path into a list of directory names.
Directories are separated by `path-separator' (which is colon in
GNU and Unix systems). Substitute environment variables into the
resulting list of directory names."
resulting list of directory names. For an empty path element (i.e.,
a leading or trailing separator, or two adjacent separators), return
nil (meaning `default-directory') as the associated list element."
(when (stringp search-path)
(mapcar (lambda (f)
(substitute-in-file-name (file-name-as-directory f)))
(split-string search-path path-separator t))))
(if (equal "" f) nil
(substitute-in-file-name (file-name-as-directory f))))
(split-string search-path path-separator))))
(defun cd-absolute (dir)
"Change current directory to given absolute file name DIR."
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