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......@@ -88,10 +88,8 @@ See the files mac/README and mac/INSTALL for build instructions.
* Changes in Emacs 21.4
** New language environments "malayalam" and "tamil".
** New input methods "malayalam-itrans", "tamil-itrans",
"malayalam-inscript", and "tamil-inscript".
** The default for the paper size (variable ps-paper-type) is taken
from the locale.
** Init file changes
......@@ -141,7 +139,7 @@ to alter the file.)
revisits the current file using a coding system that you specify.
** `ps-print' can now print Unicode characters.
** `ps-print' can now print characters from the mule-unicode charsets.
Printing text with characters from the mule-unicode-* sets works with
ps-print, provided that you have installed the appropriate BDF fonts.
......@@ -173,19 +171,23 @@ faces.
** New language environments: French, Ukrainian, Windows-1251, Tajik,
Bulgarian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, UTF-8, Windows-1255, Welsh, Latin-6,
Latin-7, Lithuanian, Latvian, Swedish, Slovenian, Croatian, Georgian.
Latin-7, Lithuanian, Latvian, Swedish, Slovenian, Croatian, Georgian,
Italian, Russian, Malayalam, Tamil, Russian, Chinese-EUC-TW. (Set up
automatically according to the locale.)
** Indian support has been updated.
The in-is13194 coding system is now Unicode-based. CDAC fonts are
assumed. There is a framework for supporting various
Indian scripts, but currently still only Devanagari is supported.
Indian scripts, but currently only Devanagari, Malayalam and Tamil are
** New input methods: latin-alt-postfix, latin-postfix, latin-prefix,
ukrainian-computer, belarusian, bulgarian-bds, russian-computer,
vietnamese-telex, lithuanian-numeric, lithuanian-keyboard,
latvian-keyboard, welsh, georgian, rfc1345, ucs, sgml,
bulgarian-phonetic, dutch, slovenian, croatian.
bulgarian-phonetic, dutch, slovenian, croatian, malayalam-inscript,
** A new coding system `euc-tw' has been added for traditional Chinese
......@@ -3441,7 +3443,7 @@ added.
*** An "alignment error" bug was fixed when a manual spelling
correction is made and re-checked.
*** An Italian, Portuguese, and Slovak dictionary definition has been added.
*** Italian, Portuguese, and Slovak dictionary definitions have been added.
*** Region skipping performance has been vastly improved in some
2003-02-14 Dave Love <>
* international/code-pages.el: Undo `Trailing whitepace deleted.'
(cp1125, mik): Nullify mime-charset.
* language/cyrillic.el ("Cyrillic-KOI8"): Fix input-method.
("Russian"): New.
("Bulgarian"): Add tutorial.
* international/mule-cmds.el (locale-language-names): Use Italian,
Russian, Turkish, Chinese-EUC-TW.
(set-locale-environment): Set ps-paper-type.
2003-02-14 ARISAWA Akihiro <> (tiny change)
* time.el (display-time-string-forms): Add face property to mail
2003-02-14 Dave Love <>
* fns.c (Flanginfo): Doc fix.
2003-02-13 Kim F. Storm <>
* lread.c (read_escape): Interpret \s as a SPACE character, except
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