Commit 4d00262a authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Support ~USER for some names on MS-Windows

* src/w32.c (getpwnam): Support usernames provided through
LOGNAME or USERNAME environment variables, to mimic what
editfns.c:init_editfns does.
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......@@ -2091,7 +2091,29 @@ getpwnam (char *name)
return pw;
if (xstrcasecmp (name, pw->pw_name))
return NULL;
/* Mimic what init_editfns does with these environment
variables, so that the likes of ~USER is recognized by
expand-file-name even if $LOGNAME gives a name different from
the real username produced by the process token. */
char *logname = getenv ("LOGNAME");
char *username = getenv ("USERNAME");
if ((logname || username)
&& xstrcasecmp (name, logname ? logname : username) == 0)
static struct passwd alias_user;
static char alias_name[PASSWD_FIELD_SIZE];
memcpy (&alias_user, &dflt_passwd, sizeof dflt_passwd);
alias_name[0] = '\0';
strncat (alias_name, logname ? logname : username,
alias_user.pw_name = alias_name;
pw = &alias_user;
return NULL;
return pw;
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