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2004-05-22 Kim F. Storm <>
* alloc.c (struct backtrace): Add debug_on_exit member.
(Fgarbage_collect): Clear out buffer undo_list markers after gc_sweep.
Identify those markers as Lisp_Misc_Free objects. Clear car and cdr of
the removed cons cells.
(mark_object): Undo previous change - disallow Lisp_Misc_Free objects.
(gc_sweep): Clear cons_blocks before sweeping strings, so we don't have
any cons cells pointing to unallocated stings.
Do not lisp_free any marker blocks, as there may still be pointers
to them from buffer undo lists at this stage of GC.
* keyboard.c (struct backtrace): Add debug_on_exit member.
(Fcommand_execute): Clear it.
2004-05-20 Luc Teirlinck <>
* intervals.c (lookup_char_property): Do not prematurely return nil.
......@@ -6,6 +21,7 @@
Add support for new '\_<' and '\_>' regexp operators, matching the
beginning and ends of symbols.
* regex.c (enum syntaxcode): Add Ssymbol.
(init_syntax_once): Set the syntax for '_' to Ssymbol, not Sword.
(re_opcode_t): New opcodes `symbeg' and `symend'.
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