Commit 4d61e7d5 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love

(thing-at-point-file-name-chars): Include non-ASCII

and use documented treatment of -.
parent 59367f56
......@@ -193,9 +193,9 @@ a symbol as a valid THING."
(put 'list 'end-op (function (lambda () (up-list 1))))
(put 'list 'beginning-op 'backward-sexp)
;; Filenames and URLs
;; Filenames and URLs
(defvar thing-at-point-file-name-chars "~/A-Za-z0-9---_.${}#%,:"
(defvar thing-at-point-file-name-chars "-~/[:alnum:]_.${}#%,:"
"Characters allowable in filenames.")
(put 'filename 'end-op
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