Commit 4d65ea9d authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

(Defining Minor Modes, Header Lines): Remove @tindex.

parent c58faeed
......@@ -1365,7 +1365,6 @@ characters are reserved for major modes.)
implementing a mode in one self-contained definition.
@defmac define-minor-mode mode doc [init-value [lighter [keymap]]] keyword-args@dots{} body@dots{}
@tindex define-minor-mode
This macro defines a new minor mode whose name is @var{mode} (a
symbol). It defines a command named @var{mode} to toggle the minor
mode, with @var{doc} as its documentation string. It also defines a
......@@ -2079,14 +2078,12 @@ top, just as it can have a mode line at the bottom. The header line
feature works just like the mode-line feature, except that it's
controlled by different variables.
@tindex header-line-format
@defvar header-line-format
This variable, local in every buffer, specifies how to display the
header line, for windows displaying the buffer. The format of the value
is the same as for @code{mode-line-format} (@pxref{Mode Line Data}).
@end defvar
@tindex default-header-line-format
@defvar default-header-line-format
This variable holds the default @code{header-line-format} for buffers
that do not override it. This is the same as @code{(default-value
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