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* INSTALL.REPO: Revert 2014-12-06 change.

You _can_ just run make after a clean checkout, thanks to the GNUmakefile.
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2014-12-14 Glenn Morris <>
* INSTALL.REPO: Revert 2014-12-06 change.
2014-12-13 Paul Eggert <>
* lib/ Regenerate.
Building and Installing Emacs from the Repository
Simply run 'make'. This should work if your files are freshly checked
out from the repository, and if you have the proper tools installed.
If it doesn't work, or if you have special build requirements, the
following information may be helpful.
Building Emacs from the source-code repository requires some tools
that are not needed when building from a release. You will need:
......@@ -29,12 +34,6 @@ can invoke './configure -C'. After configuring, build Emacs as follows:
If you want to install Emacs, type 'make install' instead of 'make' in
the last command.
After your first build, you can usually just run 'make' after any
updates from the Savannah repository or local edits; the makefile
contains logic to re-run configure as needed. However, if the autoconf
input files have changed, or in some other situations, you will need
to run 'make bootstrap' (more below).
Occasionally the file 'lisp/loaddefs.el' (and similar automatically
generated files, such as 'esh-groups.el', and '*-loaddefs.el' in some
subdirectories of 'lisp/', e.g., 'mh-e/' and 'calendar/') will need to be
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