Commit 4d8dd5fd authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Change from A4 to letter paper.

Remove non-existent (?) bindings: w, C-u o, U, delete.
Fix bindings: delete marked files = D, not X; flag garbage = % &, not &.
New: async shell command = &.
parent 298c6467
......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@
% a landscape layout.
\input pdflayout.sty
% Nothing else needs to be changed.
% This file is intended to be processed by plain TeX (TeX82).
......@@ -313,8 +313,10 @@ \section{Immediate Actions on Files}
\key{visit current file}{f}
\key{view current file}{v}
\key{visit current file in other window}{o}
\key{visit current file in other frame}{w}
\key{display current file}{C-u o}
%% Huh?
%% \key{visit current file in other frame}{w}
%% Huh?
%%\key{display current file}{C-u o}
\key{create a new subdirectory}{+}
\key{compare file at point with the one at mark}{=}
......@@ -355,26 +357,30 @@ \section{Commands on Files Marked or Specified by the Prefix}
\key{print file(s)}{P}
\key{convert filename(s) to lower case}{\% l}
\key{convert filename(s) to upper case}{\% u}
\key{delete marked (as opposed to flagged) files}{X}
\key{uuencode or uudecode file(s)}{U}
\key{delete marked (as opposed to flagged) files}{D}
%% Huh?
%%\key{uuencode or uudecode file(s)}{U}
\key{compress or uncompress file(s)}{Z}
%% Only uses the current file.
\key{run info on file}{I \dx}
\key{make symbolic link(s)}{S}
\key{make relative symbolic links}{Y}
\key{make relative symbolic link(s)}{Y}
\key{make hard link(s)}{H}
\key{search files for a regular expression}{A}
\key{query replace regular expression}{Q}
\key{byte-compile files}{B}
\key{load files}{L}
\key{shell command on file(s)}{!}
\key{asynchronous shell command on file(s)}{\&}
\section{Flagging Files for Deletion}
\leftline{\bf Unmark commands remove delete flags}
\key{flag file for deletion}{d}
\key{backup and remove deletion flag}{delete}
%% Huh?
%%\key{backup and remove deletion flag}{delete}
\key{flag all backup files (file names ending in \~{})}{\~{}}
\key{flag all auto-save files}{\#}
\key{flag various intermediate files}{\&}
\key{flag various intermediate files}{\% \&}
\key{flag numeric backups (ending in .\~{}1\~{}, .\~{}2\~{}, etc.)}{.}
\key{execute the deletions requested (flagged files)}{x}
\key{flag files matching a regular expression}{\% d}
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