Commit 4db2a7de authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(file-expand-wildcards): Handle wildcards in directory name.

Be careful about whether to return a relative file name,
and if so, relative to what directory.
parent ab26be45
......@@ -3064,9 +3064,40 @@ by `sh' are supported."
(defun file-expand-wildcards (pattern &optional full)
"Expand wildcard pattern PATTERN.
This returns a list of file names which match the pattern."
(directory-files (file-name-directory pattern) full
(wildcard-to-regexp (file-name-nondirectory pattern))))
This returns a list of file names which match the pattern.
If PATTERN is written as an absolute relative file name,
the values are absolute also.
If PATTERN is written as a relative file name, it is interpreted
relative to the current default directory, `default-directory'.
The file names returned are normally also relative to the current
default directory. However, if FULL is non-nil, they are absolute."
(let* ((nondir (file-name-nondirectory pattern))
(dirpart (file-name-directory pattern))
;; A list of all dirs that DIRPART specifies.
;; This can be more than one dir
;; if DIRPART contains wildcards.
(dirs (if (and dirpart (string-match "[[.*+\\^$?]" dirpart))
(mapcar 'file-name-as-directory
(file-expand-wildcards (directory-file-name dirpart)))
(list dirpart)))
(while dirs
(when (or (null (car dirs)) ; Possible if DIRPART is not wild.
(file-directory-p (directory-file-name (car dirs))))
(let ((this-dir-contents
(directory-files (or (car dirs) ".") full
(wildcard-to-regexp nondir))))
(setq contents
(if (and (car dirs) (not full))
(mapcar (function (lambda (name) (concat (car dirs) name)))
(setq dirs (cdr dirs)))
(defun list-directory (dirname &optional verbose)
"Display a list of files in or matching DIRNAME, a la `ls'.
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