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2000-06-01 Kenichi Handa <>
* quail/tibetan.el: Change all tibetan-1-column characters to
tibetan. Quail map for "tibetan-wylie" fixed.
2000-03-31 Wlodzimierz Bzyl <>
* quail/latin-pre.el ("polish-slash"): New input method.
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2000-06-01 Kenichi Handa <>
* international/characters.el: Fix syntax/category setting of
Tibetan characters.
* language/tibet-util.el (tibetan-add-components): Fixes for new
encoding of Tibetan characters.
(tibetan-decompose-precomposition-alist): New variable.
(tibetan-decompose-region): Convert precomposed characters to
non-precomposed characters.
(tibetan-decompose-string): Likewise.
(tibetan-composition-function): Fix args to
* language/tibetan.el (tibetan-composable-pattern): More
characters included.
(tibetan-consonant-transcription-alist): Rule for "R" added.
(tibetan-subjoined-transcription-alist): Rules for "+W", "+Y", and
"+R" added.
(tibetan-base-to-subjoined-alist): Rule for "RA" added.
* language/lao-util.el (lao-composition-function): Fix args to
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