Commit 4dedbfe0 authored by Paul Reilly's avatar Paul Reilly
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(widget_id_tick): Renamed from popup_id_tick.

(popup_get_selection, popup_activated, popup_activate_callback,
menubar_selection_callback, popup_deactivate_callback,
single_submenu): New or replaced functions.

(popup_activated_flag): New variable.

(dispatch_dummy_expose, event_is_in_menu_item, map_event_to_object):

(update_frame_menubar): Use lw_refigure_widget to provide widget set

(set_frame_menubar): Use lw_allow_resizing to control unsightly Motif
menubar resizing in a widget set independent fashion.

(xmenu_show): Removed menubar handling code, since that is now done in
lwlib.  Display a popup menu title centered and followed by two
separators.  Use lw_popup_menu() to display the menu.  Use
popup_get_selection() to deal with X11 event handling while the menu
is posted.
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