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Add entries for some things I did earlier:

*Grep no devnull (+ call-process-shell-command)
*Face custom widget changes
*Scrollbar shadow anti-dither fix
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......@@ -197,6 +197,11 @@ not with every window manager.)
** shell-mode now supports programmable completion using `pcomplete'.
** The new command `comint-input-previous-argument' in comint-derived
modes (shell-mode etc) inserts arguments from previous command lines,
like bash's `ESC .' binding. It is bound by default to `C-c .', but
otherwise behaves quite similarly to the bash version.
** Controlling the left and right fringe widths.
The left and right fringe widths can now be controlled by setting the
......@@ -255,6 +260,21 @@ making the decision in a heuristic way. This new job is done by the
command `isearch-yank-word-or-char'. To restore the old behavior,
bind C-w to `isearch-yank-word' in `isearch-mode-map'.
** M-x grep now tries to avoid appending `/dev/null' to the command line
by using GNU grep `-H' option instead. M-x grep will automatically
detect whether this is possible or not the first time it is invoked.
When `-H' is used, the grep command line supplied by the user is passed
unchanged to the system to execute, which allows more complicated
command lines to be used than was possible before.
** The face-customization widget has been reworked to be less confusing.
In particular, when you enable a face attribute using the corresponding
check-box, there's no longer a redundant `*' option in value selection
for that attribute; the values you can choose are only those which make
sense for the attribute. When an attribute is de-selected by unchecking
its check-box, then the (now ignored, but still present temporarily in
case you re-select the attribute) value is hidden.
** In GUD mode when talking to GDB, C-x C-a C-j "jumps" the program
counter to the specified source line (the one where point is).
......@@ -543,6 +563,10 @@ indentation of keywords and forms in loop forms.
** Indentation of backquoted forms has been made customizable in the
cl-indent package. See the new user option `lisp-backquote-indentation'.
** When emacs is configured to use `xaw3d' scroll-bars, emacs will
tell the scroll-bar library which colors to use for the bevels, to
prevent the library from using dithering.
** New modes and packages
......@@ -569,6 +593,14 @@ together with the Emacs User Manual, into the Info directory. A menu
item was added to the menu bar that makes it easy accessible
(Help->More Manuals->Introduction to Emacs Lisp).
*** The new global minor mode `read-file-name-electric-shadow-mode'
modifies the way filenames being entered by the user in the minibuffer are
displayed, so that it's clear when part of the entered filename will be
ignored due to emacs' filename parsing rules. The ignored portion can be
made dim, invisible, or otherwise less visually noticable. The display
method may be displayed by customizing the variable
*** The ruler-mode.el library provides a minor mode for displaying an
"active" ruler in the header line. You can use the mouse to visually
change the `fill-column', `window-margins' and `tab-stop-list'
......@@ -600,6 +632,11 @@ SQL buffer.
(function (lambda ()
(master-set-slave sql-buffer))))
** Support for `magic cooky' standout modes has been removed.
Emacs will still work on terminals that require magic cookies in order
to use standout mode, however they will not be able to display
mode-lines in inverse-video.
* Lisp Changes in Emacs 21.3
......@@ -788,6 +825,8 @@ supported, but new code should use the new functions.
** New function minibuffer-selected-window.
** New function `call-process-shell-command'.
** File local variables.
A file local variables list cannot specify a string with text
......@@ -1045,6 +1084,12 @@ This was actually done in Emacs-21.1, and was not documented.
*** The new package Ibuffer provides a powerful, completely
customizable replacement for buff-menu.el.
*** The new package button.el implements simple and fast `clickable buttons'
in emacs buffers. `buttons' are much lighter-weight than the `widgets'
implemented by widget.el, and can be used by lisp code that doesn't
require the full power of widgets. Emacs uses buttons for such things
as help and apropos buffers.
* Installation Changes in Emacs 21.1
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