Commit 4e50fa8b authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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Fringe cleanup.

(realize_basic_faces): Use FRINGE_FACE_ID.
parent b46952ae
......@@ -6107,7 +6107,7 @@ realize_basic_faces (f)
realize_named_face (f, Qmode_line, MODE_LINE_FACE_ID);
realize_named_face (f, Qtool_bar, TOOL_BAR_FACE_ID);
realize_named_face (f, Qfringe, BITMAP_AREA_FACE_ID);
realize_named_face (f, Qfringe, FRINGE_FACE_ID);
realize_named_face (f, Qheader_line, HEADER_LINE_FACE_ID);
realize_named_face (f, Qscroll_bar, SCROLL_BAR_FACE_ID);
realize_named_face (f, Qborder, BORDER_FACE_ID);
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