Commit 4e598d29 authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong

face-remap functions were already documented in display.texi.

parent d466a866
......@@ -1415,7 +1415,7 @@ symbolic notation thanks to auxiliary functions.
variables defined in the current buffer.
** Face-remapping
*** Each face can be remapped to a different face definition using the
variable `face-remapping-alist'. This is an alist that maps faces to
replacement definitions (which can be face names, lists of face names,
......@@ -1428,15 +1428,15 @@ menu and the new `C-x C-+', `C-x C--', and `C-x C-0' commands (see
Editing Changes, above).
*** New functions:
**** `face-remap-add-relative' adds a face remapping entry to the
current buffer.
**** ``face-remap-remove-relative' removes a face remapping entry from
the current buffer.
**** `face-remap-reset-base' restores a face to its global definition.
**** `face-remap-set-base' sets the base remapping of a face.
** Process changes
......@@ -1671,7 +1671,7 @@ keyboard coding systems are now terminal-local.
type (`tty-type' parameter) to `make-terminal-frame'.
*** The function `make-frame-on-display' now works during a tty
session, and `make-frame-on-tty' works during a graphical session.
*** A new `terminal' data type.
The functions `get-device-terminal', `terminal-parameters',
......@@ -1700,8 +1700,6 @@ deleting a terminal.
**** `environment'
**** `make-frame-on-tty' creates a new frame on another tty device.
**** `delete-tty'
**** `suspend-tty'
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