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(Help): Mention C-h C-f and C-h C-k.

(Misc Help): Explain that C-h C-k can be used for menu items, and that
C-h C-f and C-h C-k look in manuals other than the Emacs manual, not
only in the Emacs manual.
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......@@ -80,6 +80,13 @@ Finally, you can try looking up a suitable package using keywords
pertinent to the feature you need. @xref{Library Keywords}.
@end table
To find the documentation of a key sequence or a menu item, type
@kbd{C-h C-k} and then type that key sequence or select the menu
item. This looks up the description of the command invoked by the key
or the menu in the appropriate manual (not necessarily the Emacs
manual). Likewise, use @kbd{C-h C-f} for reading documentation of a
* Help Summary:: Brief list of all Help commands.
* Key Help:: Asking what a key does in Emacs.
......@@ -471,7 +478,15 @@ goes straight to the documentation of the Emacs function
@var{function}. @kbd{C-h C-k @var{key}} enters Info and goes straight
to the documentation of the key @var{key}. These two keys run the
commands @code{Info-goto-emacs-command-node} and
@code{Info-goto-emacs-key-command-node}. You can use @kbd{C-h C-k} to
find the documentation of a menu item: just select that menu item when
@kbd{C-h C-k} prompts for a key.
@kbd{C-h C-f} and @kbd{C-h C-k} know about commands and keys
described in manuals other than the Emacs manual. Thus, they make it
easier to find the documentation of commands and keys when you are not
sure which manual describes them, like when using some specialized
When editing a program, if you have an Info version of the manual for
the programming language, you can use the command @kbd{C-h C-i} to refer
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