Commit 4ea25232 authored by Nick Roberts's avatar Nick Roberts
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(gud-speedbar-buttons): Follow change to gdb-var-list.

parent 37c7ef17
......@@ -174,7 +174,7 @@ Used to grey out relevant togolbar icons.")
:enable (and (not gud-running)
(memq gud-minor-mode
'(gdbmi gdba gdb dbx xdb jdb pdb bashdb))))
([pp] menu-item "Print the emacs s-expression" gud-pp
([pp] menu-item "Print S-expression" gud-pp
:enable (and (not gud-running)
:visible (and (string-equal
......@@ -234,9 +234,6 @@ Used to grey out relevant togolbar icons.")
(gud-run . "gud/run")
(gud-go . "gud/go")
(gud-stop-subjob . "gud/stop")
;; gud-s, gud-si etc. instead of gud-step,
;; gud-stepi, to avoid file-name clashes on DOS
;; 8+3 filesystems.
(gud-cont . "gud/cont")
(gud-until . "gud/until")
(gud-next . "gud/next")
......@@ -455,7 +452,7 @@ required by the caller."
(let ((var-list gdb-var-list) parent)
(while var-list
(let* (char (depth 0) (start 0) (var (car var-list))
(expr (car var)) (varnum (nth 1 var))
(varnum (car var)) (expr (nth 1 var))
(type (nth 3 var)) (value (nth 4 var))
(status (nth 5 var)))
......@@ -483,9 +480,9 @@ required by the caller."
(if (eq status 'out-of-scope) (setq parent 'shadow))
(if (and (cadr var-list)
(if (and (nth 1 var-list)
(string-match (concat varnum "\\.")
(cadr (cadr var-list))))
(car (nth 1 var-list))))
(setq char ?-)
(setq char ?+))
(if (string-match "\\*$" type)
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