Commit 4eb34cc7 authored by Adrian Robert's avatar Adrian Robert
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* nsterm.m (CGContextSetFontRenderingMode): Drop declaration.

parent 8dd110b4
......@@ -198,16 +198,6 @@ the Function modifer (laptops). May be any of the modifier lisp symbols. */
struct nsfont_info *ns_tmp_font; /* FIXME */
/*static int debug_lock = 0; */
/* This undocumented Quartz function controls how fonts are anti-aliased.
(Found from code in Mac wxWindows impl, discovered by running `nm' on
the "QD" framework.)
Mode 0 is normal anti-aliasing, mode 1 is no anti-aliasing, and mode 2 is
4-bit pixel-aligned anti-aliasing (the old QuickDraw standard). */
extern void CGContextSetFontRenderingMode (CGContextRef cg, int v);
/* event loop */
static BOOL send_appdefined = YES;
static NSEvent *last_appdefined_event = 0;
......@@ -358,7 +348,7 @@ the Function modifer (laptops). May be any of the modifier lisp symbols. */
if ([resourcePaths length] > 0)
setenv ("EMACSLOADPATH", [resourcePaths UTF8String], 1);
/*NSLog (@"loadPath: '%s'\n", resourcePaths); */
/*NSLog (@"loadPath: '%@'\n", resourcePaths); */
if (!getenv ("EMACSPATH"))
......@@ -859,6 +849,7 @@ Free a pool and temporary objects it refers to (callable from C)
NSTRACE (ns_reset_terminal_modes);
static void
ns_set_terminal_modes (struct terminal *terminal)
/* Externally called as hook */
......@@ -3133,7 +3124,7 @@ overwriting cursor (usually when cursor on a tab) */
If we're being called outside of that, it's also OK to return quickly
after one iteration through the event loop, since other terms do
this and emacs expects it. */
if (!(inNsSelect && expected)) // (!inNsSelect || !expected)
if (!(inNsSelect && expected))
/* Post an application defined event on the event queue. When this is
received the [NXApp run] will return, thus having processed all
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