Commit 4ebd58ea authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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Replace commented-out lines with a condition

that is always false.  The same change by Eli on 2002-04-19 in
the HEAD trunk.
parent 51460fc4
......@@ -139,20 +139,24 @@
(vector val))))
(cdr hashtbls)))
;; (quail-define-package "devanagari-itrans" "Devanagari" "DevIT" t "Devanagari ITRANS")
;; This needs to be seen by quail-update-leim-list-file, but cannot be
;; commented out because quail-update-leim-list-file ignores
;; commented-out lines.
(if nil
(quail-define-package "devanagari-itrans" "Devanagari" "DevIT" t "Devanagari ITRANS"))
indian-dev-itrans-v5-hash "devanagari-itrans" "Devanagari" "DevIT"
"Devanagari transliteration by ITRANS method.")
;; (quail-define-package "devanagari-kyoto-harvard" "Devanagari" "DevKH" t "Devanagari Kyoto-Harvard")
(if nil
(quail-define-package "devanagari-kyoto-harvard" "Devanagari" "DevKH" t "Devanagari Kyoto-Harvard"))
"devanagari-kyoto-harvard" "Devanagari" "DevKH"
"Devanagari transliteration by Kyoto-Harvard method.")
;; (quail-define-package "devanagari-aiba" "Devanagari" "DevAB" t "Devanagari Aiba")
(if nil
(quail-define-package "devanagari-aiba" "Devanagari" "DevAB" t "Devanagari Aiba"))
indian-dev-aiba-hash "devanagari-aiba" "Devanagari" "DevAB"
"Devanagari transliteration by Aiba-method.")
......@@ -206,7 +210,8 @@
(;; Inscripts
?# ?$ ?^ ?* ?\])))
;; (quail-define-package "devanagari-inscript" "Devanagari" "DevIS" t "Devanagari keyboard Inscript")
(if nil
(quail-define-package "devanagari-inscript" "Devanagari" "DevIS" t "Devanagari keyboard Inscript"))
indian-dev-base-table inscript-dev-keytable
"devanagari-inscript" "Devanagari" "DevIS"
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