Commit 4ec935dc authored by Pierre Téchoueyres's avatar Pierre Téchoueyres Committed by Eric Abrahamsen

Add new tests for eieio persistence

* test/lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio-tests/eieio-test-persist.el:
  (hash-equal): New comparison test for hash-tables.
  (persist-test-save-and-compare): Use test for hash-tables.
  eieio-test-persist-interior-lists): New tests.
parent 47917d8f
;;; eieio-persist.el --- Tests for eieio-persistent class
;;; eieio-test-persist.el --- Tests for eieio-persistent class
;; Copyright (C) 2011-2018 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
......@@ -40,6 +40,17 @@ This is usually a symbol that starts with `:'."
(car tuple)
(defun hash-equal (hash1 hash2)
"Compare two hash tables to see whether they are equal."
(and (= (hash-table-count hash1)
(hash-table-count hash2))
(catch 'flag
(maphash (lambda (x y)
(or (equal (gethash x hash2) y)
(throw 'flag nil)))
(throw 'flag t))))
(defun persist-test-save-and-compare (original)
"Compare the object ORIGINAL against the one read fromdisk."
......@@ -49,8 +60,8 @@ This is usually a symbol that starts with `:'."
(class (eieio-object-class original))
(fromdisk (eieio-persistent-read file class))
(cv (cl--find-class class))
(slots (eieio--class-slots cv))
(slots (eieio--class-slots cv)))
(unless (object-of-class-p fromdisk class)
(error "Persistent class %S != original class %S"
(eieio-object-class fromdisk)
......@@ -62,18 +73,24 @@ This is usually a symbol that starts with `:'."
(origvalue (eieio-oref original oneslot))
(fromdiskvalue (eieio-oref fromdisk oneslot))
(initarg-p (eieio--attribute-to-initarg
(cl--find-class class) oneslot))
(cl--find-class class) oneslot)))
(if initarg-p
(unless (equal origvalue fromdiskvalue)
(cond ((and (hash-table-p origvalue) (hash-table-p fromdiskvalue))
(hash-equal origvalue fromdiskvalue))
(t (equal origvalue fromdiskvalue)))
(error "Slot %S Original Val %S != Persistent Val %S"
oneslot origvalue fromdiskvalue))
;; Else !initarg-p
(unless (equal (cl--slot-descriptor-initform slot) fromdiskvalue)
(let ((origval (cl--slot-descriptor-initform slot))
(diskval fromdiskvalue))
(cond ((and (hash-table-p origval) (hash-table-p diskval))
(hash-equal origval diskval))
(t (equal origval diskval)))
(error "Slot %S Persistent Val %S != Default Value %S"
oneslot fromdiskvalue (cl--slot-descriptor-initform slot))))
oneslot diskval origvalue))))))))
;;; Simple Case
......@@ -205,13 +222,16 @@ persistent class.")
((slot1 :initarg :slot1
:type (or persistent-random-class null persist-not-persistent))
(slot2 :initarg :slot2
:type (or persist-not-persistent persist-random-class null))))
:type (or persist-not-persistent persistent-random-class null))
(slot3 :initarg :slot3
:type persistent-random-class)))
(ert-deftest eieio-test-multiple-class-slot ()
(let ((persist
(persistent-multiclass-slot "random string"
:slot1 (persistent-random-class)
:slot2 (persist-not-persistent)
:slot3 (persistent-random-class)
:file (concat default-directory ""))))
(persist-test-save-and-compare persist)
......@@ -238,4 +258,77 @@ persistent class.")
(persist-test-save-and-compare persist-wols)
(delete-file (oref persist-wols file))))
;;; Tests targeted at popular libraries in the wild.
;; Objects inside hash tables and vectors (pcache), see bug#29220.
(defclass person ()
((name :type string :initarg :name)))
(defclass classy (eieio-persistent)
:type person
:initarg :teacher)
:initarg :students :initform (make-hash-table :test 'equal))
:type list
:initarg :janitors)
:type vector
:initarg :random-vector)))
(ert-deftest eieio-test-persist-hash-and-vector ()
(let* ((jane (make-instance 'person :name "Jane"))
(bob (make-instance 'person :name "Bob"))
(hans (make-instance 'person :name "Hans"))
(dierdre (make-instance 'person :name "Dierdre"))
(class (make-instance 'classy
:teacher jane
:janitors (list [tuesday nil]
[friday nil])
:random-vector [nil]
:file (concat default-directory "classy-" emacs-version ".eieio"))))
(puthash "Bob" bob (slot-value class 'students))
(aset (slot-value class 'random-vector) 0
(make-instance 'persistent-random-class))
(aset (car (slot-value class 'janitor)) 1 hans)
(aset (nth 1 (slot-value class 'janitor)) 1 dierdre)
(persist-test-save-and-compare class)
(delete-file (oref class file)))))
;; Extra quotation of lists inside other objects (Gnus registry), also
;; bug#29220.
(defclass eieio-container (eieio-persistent)
:initarg :alist
:type list)
:initarg :vec
:type vector)
:initarg :htab
:type hash-table)))
(ert-deftest eieio-test-persist-interior-lists ()
(let* ((thing (make-instance
:vec [nil]
:htab (make-hash-table :test #'equal)
:file (concat default-directory
"container-" emacs-version ".eieio")))
(john (make-instance 'person :name "John"))
(alexie (make-instance 'person :name "Alexie"))
(alst '(("first" (one two three))
("second" (four five six)))))
(setf (nth 2 (cadar alst)) john
(nth 2 (cadadr alst)) alexie)
(setf (slot-value thing 'alist) alst)
(puthash "alst" alst (slot-value thing 'htab))
(aset (slot-value thing 'vec) 0 alst)
(persist-test-save-and-compare thing)
(delete-file (slot-value thing 'file)))))
;;; eieio-test-persist.el ends here
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