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2000-10-25 Gerd Moellmann <>
* menu-bar.el (menu-bar-options-menu): Add a help string for
2000-10-25 Stephen Gildea <>
* time-stamp.el (time-stamp-string-preprocess): Fix a wrong
2000-10-25 Gerd Moellmann <>
* window.c (pos_fully_visible_p): Removed.
(Fpos_visible_in_window_p): Use pos_visible_p to determine
if position is visible and/or fully visible.
* lisp.h (pos_visible_p): Add prototype.
* xdisp.c (pos_visible_p): New function.
2000-10-25 Kenichi Handa <>
* process.c (send_process): If OBJECT is t, it means that the data
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