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*** empty log message ***

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2002-03-11 Colin Walters <>
* shell.el (toplevel): Revert previous change to use pcomplete.
(shell-mode): Ditto.
(shell-pcomplete-setup-done): Remove.
(shell-pcomplete): Ditto.
(shell-pcomplete-reverse): Ditto.
* comint.el: Remove documentation on setting up pcomplete.
2002-03-11 Pavel Jan,Bm(Bk <>
* font-lock.el (java-font-lock-extra-types): Add "URL" as separate
......@@ -77,7 +87,6 @@
(ibuffer-clear-summary-columns): New function.
* ibuf-ext.el (ibuffer-filter-format-alist): Add type and group.
(ibuffer-toggle-sorting-mode): Ditto.
2002-03-07 Gerd Moellmann <>
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