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Explain pkreport sort options.

What to do about moderation mistakes.
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......@@ -403,6 +403,17 @@
maintainers (ie, bug-gnu-emacs). These have some changed headers
(Resent-*, Subject, etc).
** What do the pkgreport.cgi sort options mean?
"normal" = by open/closed status, then severity, then tag, then bug number
"oldview" = as above, but without the tag part
"age" = as normal, but sort in decreasing order of last modification
time, rather than by increasing bug number
"raw" = ?
** ChangeLog issues
*** When you fix a bug, it can be helpful to put the bug number in the
......@@ -527,6 +538,15 @@ recipient: emacs-bug-tracker AT debbugs\.gnu\.org
The latter is because that is the address that debbugs actually sends to.
An /etc/aliases entry redirects it to the real emacs-bug-tracker address.
** Recovering from moderation mistakes
All discarded messages are stored in /var/lib/mailman/spam.
If a non-spam message accidentally gets discarded, just do:
cat /var/lib/mailman/spam/not-really-spam.msg | /usr/lib/debbugs/receive
... check it works ...
mv /var/lib/mailman/spam/not-really-spam.msg /var/lib/mailman/not-spam/
** Administrivia
The debbugs-submit list should have the administrivia option off,
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