Commit 4ee02020 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm

(authors-aliases): Update list.

(authors-ignored-files): New list.
(authors-fixed-entries): Fix typo.
(authors-renamed-files-alist): Update list.
(authors-add): Check authors-ignored-files.
parent 3a10b9ce
......@@ -41,7 +41,6 @@ files.")
(defconst authors-aliases
("Andrew Innes" "Andrw Innes")
("Barry A. Warsaw" "Barry A. Warsaw, Century Computing, Inc."
"Barry A. Warsaw, ITB" "Barry Warsaw")
("Bj,Av(Brn Torkelsson" "Bjorn Torkelsson")
......@@ -57,7 +56,7 @@ files.")
("Edward M. Reingold" "Ed Reingold" "Edward M Reingold"
"Reingold Edward M")
("Eli Zaretskii" "eliz")
; ("Emilio C. Lopes" "Emilio Lopes")
("Emilio C. Lopes" "Emilio Lopes")
("Era Eriksson" "Era@Iki.Fi")
("Eric M. Ludlam" "Eric Ludlam")
("Eric S. Raymond" "Eric Raymond")
......@@ -79,8 +78,10 @@ files.")
("Jay K. Adams" "" "Jay Adams")
("J,Ai(Br,At(Bme Marant" "J,bi(Br,bt(Bme Marant" "Jerome Marant")
("Jens-Ulrik Holger Petersen" "Jens-Ulrik Petersen")
("John W. Eaton" "John Eaton")
("Jonathan I. Kamens" "Jonathan Kamens")
("Joseph Arceneaux" "Joe Arceneaux")
("Juan Le,As(Bn Lahoz Garc,Am(Ba" "Juan-Leon Lahoz Garcia")
("K. Shane Hartman" "Shane Hartman")
("Kai Gro,A_(Bjohann" "Kai Grossjohann" "Kai Gro,b_(Bjohann"
......@@ -89,14 +90,17 @@ files.")
("Kazushi Marukawa" "Kazushi")
("Ken Manheimer" "Kenneth Manheimer")
("Kenichi Handa" "Ken'ichi Handa" "Kenichi HANDA")
("Kevin Greiner" "Kevin J. Greiner")
("Kim F. Storm" "Kim Storm")
("Kyle Jones" "Kyle E. Jones")
("Marcus G. Daniels" "Marcus Daniels")
("Mark D. Baushke" "Mark D Baushke")
("Martin Lorentzon" "Martin Lorentzson")
("Matt Swift" "Matthew Swift")
("Michael R. Mauger" "Michael Mauger")
("Michael D. Ernst" "Michael Ernst")
("Michael I. Bushnell" "Michael I Bushnell" "Michael I. Bushnell, P/Bsg")
("Mikio Nakajima" "Nakajima Mikio")
("Paul Eggert" "eggert")
("Paul Reilly" "(")
("Pavel Jan,Bm(Bk" "Pavel Jan,Am(Bk Ml." "Pavel Jan,Am(Bk" "Pavel@Janik.Cz")
......@@ -114,6 +118,7 @@ files.")
("Stephen A. Wood" "(")
("Steven L. Baur" "SL Baur" "Steven L Baur")
("Takaaki Ota" "Tak Ota")
("Takahashi Naoto" "Naoto Takahashi")
("Teodor Zlatanov" "Ted Zlatanov")
("Torbj,Av(Brn Axelsson" "Torbjvrn Axelsson")
("Torbj,Av(Brn Einarsson" "Torbj.*rn Einarsson")
......@@ -152,6 +157,13 @@ If REALNAME is nil, ignore that author.")
Changes to files matching one of the regexps in this list are not
(defconst authors-ignored-files
"lock" "share-lib" "local-lisp"
"List of files and directories to ignore.
Changes to files in this list are not listed.")
(defconst authors-fixed-entries
'(("Richard M. Stallman" :wrote "[The original GNU emacs and numerous files]")
......@@ -184,7 +196,7 @@ listed.")
"mem-limits.h" "process.c" "template.h" "sysdep.c" "syssignal.h" "systty.h" "unexec.c"
"ymakefile" "linux.h")
("Kyle E. Jones" :wrote "mldrag.el")
("Kenry Kautz" :wrote "bib-mode.el")
("Henry Kautz" :wrote "bib-mode.el")
("Joseph M. Kelsey" :changed "fileio.c" "vms-pwd.h" "vmsfns.c" "dir.h"
("Sam Kendall" :changed "etags.c" "etags.el")
......@@ -260,7 +272,8 @@ listed.")
(defconst authors-valid-file-names
"File names which are valid, but no longer exists (or cannot be
found) in the repository.")
......@@ -274,6 +287,9 @@ found) in the repository.")
("s/windowsnt.h" . "s/ms-w32.h")
("config.emacs" . "configure")
("leim-Makefile" . "leim/Makefile")
("" . "leim/")
"Alist of files which have been renamed during their lifetime.
Elements are (OLDNAME . NEWNAME).")
......@@ -372,7 +388,8 @@ from `authors-obsolete-files-regexps'."
ACTION is a keyword symbol describing what he did. Record file,
author and what he did in hash table TABLE. See the description of
`authors-scan-change-log' for the structure of the hash table."
(unless (or (authors-obsolete-file-p file)
(unless (or (member file authors-ignored-files)
(authors-obsolete-file-p file)
(equal author ""))
(let* ((value (gethash author table))
(entry (assoc file value))
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