Commit 4eea26a9 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(generic): Added defgroup declaration.

(generic-make-keywords-list): Uses regexp-opt.
(generic-mode-set-font-lock): Uses regexp-opt.
parent 3d5b2234
......@@ -162,6 +162,11 @@ instead (which see).")
;; Customization Variables
(defgroup generic nil
"Define simple major modes with comment and font-lock support."
:prefix "generic-"
:group 'extensions)
(defcustom generic-use-find-file-hook t
"*If non-nil, add a hook to enter default-generic-mode automatically
if the first few lines of a file in fundamental mode start with a hash
......@@ -499,13 +504,10 @@ Some generic modes are defined in `generic-x.el'."
(mapconcat 'identity keywords "\\>\\|\\<")
1 'font-lock-keyword-face))
(list (let ((regexp (regexp-opt keywords)))
(list (concat "\\<\\(" regexp "\\)\\>")
;; Other font-lock expressions
(and font-lock-expressions
......@@ -570,21 +572,17 @@ This hook is NOT installed by default."
(defun generic-make-keywords-list (keywords-list face &optional prefix suffix)
"Return a regular expression matching the specified keywords.
The regexp is highlighted with FACE."
;; Sanity checks
;; Don't check here; face may not be defined yet
;; (if (not (facep face))
;; (error "Face %s is not defined" (princ face)))
(and (not (listp keywords-list))
(error "Keywords argument must be a list of strings"))
(or prefix "")
(mapconcat 'identity keywords-list "\\>\\|\\<")
(or suffix "")
) 1 face))
(list (concat (or prefix "")
;; Use an optimized regexp.
(regexp-opt keywords-list t)
(or suffix ""))
(provide 'generic)
;;; generic.el ends here
;;; generic.el ends here
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