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New file (image.c) for Image consolidation:

(COLOR_TABLE_SUPPORT): New define to control whether
color table support is available (X only).
(Bitmap_Record): Common name for x_bitmap_record,
w32_bitmap_record, and mac_bitmap_record.
(XImagePtr): Common name for pointer to XImage or equivalent.
(XImagePtr_or_DC): New type to simplify code sharing; equivalent
to XImagePtr on X+MAC, and to HDC on W32.
(GET_PIXEL): Wrapper for XGetPixel or equivalent.
(NO_PIXMAP): Common name for "None" or equivalent.
(PNG_BG_COLOR_SHIFT): Bits to shift PNG background colors.
(RGB_PIXEL_COLOR): Common type for an integer "pixel color" value.
(PIX_MASK_RETAIN, PIX_MASK_DRAW): Portability macros (from macfns.c).
(FRAME_X_VISUAL, x_defined_color, DefaultDepthOfScreen): Define
with suitable equivalents on W32 and MAC for code sharing.
(XDrawLine): Define on MAC for code sharing.
(Destroy_Image, Free_Pixmap): Wrappers for code sharing.
(IF_LIB_AVAILABLE): Macro to simplify code sharing.
(Vx_bitmap_file_path, Vimage_cache_eviction_delay)
(x_bitmap_height, x_bitmap_width, x_bitmap_pixmap)
(x_reference_bitmap, x_create_bitmap_from_data)
(x_create_bitmap_from_file, x_destroy_bitmap)
(x_destroy_all_bitmaps, x_create_bitmap_mask)
(XGetImage, XPutPixel, XGetPixel, XDestroyImage)
(QCascent, QCmargin, QCrelief, QCconversion, QCcolor_symbols)
(QCheuristic_mask, QCindex, QCmatrix, QCcolor_adjustment, QCmask)
(Qlaplace, Qemboss, Qedge_detection, Qheuristic, Qcenter)
(define_image_type, lookup_image_type, valid_image_p)
(image_error, enum image_value_type, struct image_keyword)
(parse_image_spec, image_spec_value, Fimage_size, Fimage_mask_p)
(make_image, free_image, prepare_image_for_display, image_ascent)
(four_corners_best, image_background, image_background_transparent)
(x_clear_image_1,  x_clear_image, x_alloc_image_color)
(make_image_cache, free_image_cache, clear_image_cache)
(Fclear_image_cache, postprocess_image, lookup_image, cache_image)
(forall_images_in_image_cache, x_create_x_image_and_pixmap)
(x_destroy_x_image, x_put_x_image, x_find_image_file, slurp_file)
(find_image_fsspec, image_load_qt_1, image_load_quicktime)
(init_image_func_pointer, image_load_quartz2d)
(struct ct_color, init_color_table, free_color_table)
(lookup_rgb_color, lookup_pixel_color, colors_in_color_table)
(cross_disabled_images, x_to_xcolors, x_from_xcolors)
(x_detect_edges, x_emboss, x_laplace, x_edge_detection)
(x_disable_image, x_build_heuristic_mask)
(XBM support, XPM support, PBM support, PNG support, JPEG support)
(TIFF support, GIF support, Ghostscript support): Consolidate image
code from xfns.c, w32fns.c, and macfns.c.
(syms_of_image): Consolidate image related symbol setup here.
(init_image): Consolidate image related initializations here.
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