Commit 4f0f077c authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy

*** empty log message ***

parent f35fe3c6
......@@ -124,23 +124,23 @@
(let ((aelt (assoc switch x-switch-definitions)))
(if aelt
(if (nth 2 aelt)
(setq screen-default-alist
(setq default-screen-alist
(cons (cons (nth 1 aelt) (nth 2 aelt))
(setq screen-default-alist
(setq default-screen-alist
(cons (cons (nth 1 aelt)
(car x-invocation-args))
x-invocation-args (cdr x-invocation-args))))))
;; Handler for switches of the form "-switch n"
(defun x-handle-numeric-switch (switch)
(let ((aelt (assoc switch x-switch-definitions)))
(if aelt
(setq screen-default-alist
(setq default-screen-alist
(cons (cons (nth 1 aelt)
(string-to-int (car x-invocation-args)))
(cdr x-invocation-args)))))
......@@ -178,44 +178,6 @@ This returns ARGS with the arguments that have been processed removed."
(setq args (nreverse args)))
;; Handle Xresources.
(defun x-read-resources ()
"Reread the X defaults from the X server and install them in
`screen-default-alist', to be used in new screens."
(mapcar (function
(lambda (key-resname-default)
(let* ((key (nth 0 key-resname-default))
(tail (assq key screen-default-alist))
(or (x-get-resource (nth 1 key-resname-default))
(nth 2 key-resname-default))))
(if tail (setcdr tail value)
(setq screen-default-alist
(cons (cons key value)
'((font "font" "9x15")
(background-color "background" "white")
(border-width "#BorderWidth" 2)
(internal-border-width "#InternalBorderWidth" 1)
(foreground-color "foreground" "black")
(mouse-color "mouse" "black")
(cursor-color "cursor" "black")
(border-color "border" "black")))
(setq x-screen-defaults screen-default-alist))
;; This is the function which creates the first X window. It is called
;; from startup.el before the user's init file is processed.
(defun x-pop-initial-window ()
;; see screen.el for this function
(pop-initial-screen (append initial-screen-alist
(delete-screen terminal-screen))
;; Standard X cursor shapes, courtesy of Mr. Fox, who wanted ALL of them.
......@@ -628,9 +590,6 @@ This returns ARGS with the arguments that have been processed removed."
(set-input-mode t nil t)
(setq screen-creation-function 'x-create-screen)
(setq suspend-hook
'(lambda ()
(error "Suspending an emacs running under X makes no sense")))
......@@ -638,5 +597,3 @@ This returns ARGS with the arguments that have been processed removed."
;;; Turn off window-splitting optimization; X is usually fast enough
;;; that this is only annoying.
(setq split-window-keep-point t)
(define-key global-map "\C-z" 'iconify-emacs)
......@@ -196,6 +196,7 @@ extern struct screen *make_screen_without_minibuffer ();
extern Lisp_Object Vscreen_list;
extern Lisp_Object Vglobal_minibuffer_screen;
extern Lisp_Object Vdefault_screen_alist;
extern Lisp_Object Vterminal_screen;
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