Commit 4f0f29aa authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(insert-for-yank-1): Handle `font-lock-face' specially.

parent 7ae8428d
......@@ -2167,11 +2167,32 @@ If UNDO is present and non-nil, it is a function that will be called
(let* ((handler (and (stringp string)
(get-text-property 0 'yank-handler string)))
(param (or (nth 1 handler) string))
(opoint (point)))
(opoint (point))
(setq yank-undo-function t)
(if (nth 0 handler) ;; FUNCTION
(funcall (car handler) param)
(insert param))
(setq end (point))
;; What should we do with `font-lock-face' properties?
(if font-lock-defaults
;; No, just wipe them.
(remove-list-of-text-properties opoint end '(font-lock-face))
;; Convert them to `face'.
(goto-char opoint)
(while (< (point) end)
(let ((face (get-text-property (point) 'font-lock-face))
(setq run-end
(next-single-property-change (point) 'font-lock-face nil end))
(when face
(remove-text-properties (point) run-end '(font-lock-face nil))
(put-text-property (point) run-end 'face face))
(goto-char run-end)))))
(unless (nth 2 handler) ;; NOEXCLUDE
(remove-yank-excluded-properties opoint (point)))
(if (eq yank-undo-function t) ;; not set by FUNCTION
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