Commit 4f0f48df authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(url-file): Avoid assignment to free variable `filename'.

parent 5d6ab672
2009-09-13 Glenn Morris <>
* url-file.el (url-file): Avoid assignment to free variable `filename'.
2009-09-12 Chong Yidong <>
* url-methods.el (url-scheme--registering-proxy): New variable.
......@@ -156,13 +156,9 @@ to them."
(uncompressed-filename nil)
(content-type nil)
(content-encoding nil)
(coding-system-for-read 'binary))
(setq filename (url-file-build-filename url))
(if (not filename)
(error "File does not exist: %s" (url-recreate-url url)))
(coding-system-for-read 'binary)
(filename (url-file-build-filename url)))
(or filename (error "File does not exist: %s" (url-recreate-url url)))
;; Need to figure out the content-type from the real extension,
;; not the compressed one.
(setq uncompressed-filename (if (string-match "\\.\\(gz\\|Z\\|z\\)$" filename)
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