Commit 4f19bbb1 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier

* lisp/printing.el: Use lexical-binding

Require easy-menu instead of adding declarations.
Remove backward compatiblity.  Remove redundant ':group' args.
(pr-region-active-p): Use use-region-p.
(pr-set-keymap-name): Delete function and callers.
(pr-set-keymap-parents): Delete function; use set-keymap-parent instead.
(pr-read-string): Delete function; use read-string instead.
(pr-menu-char-height): Delete function; use frame-char-height instead.
(pr-menu-char-width): Delete function; use frame-char-width instead.
(pr-menu-position): Merge the two definitions.
(pr-get-symbol): Delete function; use easy-menu-intern instead.
(pr-update-mode-line): Delete function; use force-mode-line-update instead.
(pr-do-update-menus): Turn local save-var into dynbound pr--save-var.
(pr-menu-alist): Use setf.  Simplify since we don't keep key-bindings
in the menus any more.
(pr-dosify-file-name): Remove interactive spec.
(pr-filename-style): Rename from pr-path-style.
(pr-unixify-file-name): Delete function.
(pr-standard-file-name): Don't turn \ into / under POSIX.
(pr-temp-dir): Don't dosify.  Use temporary-file-directory unconditionally.
(pr-save-file-modes): Delete macro.
(pr-ps-directory-using-ghostscript, pr-ps-directory-print)
(pr-ps-directory-ps-print, pr-ps-mode-using-ghostscript, pr-ps-print)
(pr-ps-mode-preview, pr-ps-mode-print, pr-printify-directory)
(pr-txt-directory, pr-ps-file-up-preview, pr-ps-directory-preview)
(pr-ps-file-up-ps-print, pr-ps-preview, pr-ps-using-ghostscript):
Use properly prefixed, declared, and
explicitly let-bound dynamically bound variables around calls to
pr-ps-utility-args and pr-set-dir-args.
(pr-ps-file-using-ghostscript): Only dosify when passing to suprocess.
(pr-expand-file-name): Delete function; use expand-file-name instead.
(pr-ps-file-print): Properly dosify.
(pr-menu-create): Use backquotes.
(pr-eval-alist, pr-eval-local-alist): Use dolist.
(pr-ps-utility-args): Don't dosify here.
(pr-ps-utility-process): Dosify here instead.
(pr-ps-file, pr-command): Don't dosify here either.
(pr-interface-map): Move initialization into declaration.
(pr-insert-section-1): Use 'push'.
(pr-insert-toggle): Use closure instead of backquoted lambda.
(pr-insert-menu): Use apply i.s.o eval.
(pr-insert-radio-button): Avoid 'eval'.
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