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(Magic File Names): Document the safe-magic property.

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......@@ -2405,6 +2405,16 @@ shown above; the details are crucial for proper behavior in the case of
multiple handlers, and for operations that have two file names that may
each have handlers.
@kindex safe-magic (@r{property})
Handlers that don't really do anything specal for actual access to the
file---such as the ones that implement completion of host names for
remote file names---should have a non-@code{nil} @code{safe-magic}
property. For instance, Emacs normally ``protects'' directory names
it finds in @code{PATH} from becoming magic, if they look like magic
file names, by prefixing them with @samp{/:}. But if the handler that
would be used for them has a non-@code{nil} @code{safe-magic}
property, the @samp{/:} is not added.
@defvar inhibit-file-name-handlers
This variable holds a list of handlers whose use is presently inhibited
for a certain operation.
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