Commit 4fb4bdcf authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(iso-cvt-read-only): Ignore arguments.

(iso-cvt-write-only): Likewise.
parent 7d5e5e70
......@@ -823,13 +823,13 @@ Optional arg BUFFER is ignored (for use in `format-alist')."
(iso-translate-conventions from to iso-sgml2iso-trans-tab))
(defun iso-cvt-read-only ()
(defun iso-cvt-read-only (&rest ignore)
"Warn that format is read-only."
(error "This format is read-only; specify another format for writing"))
(defun iso-cvt-write-only ()
(defun iso-cvt-write-only (&rest ignore)
"Warn that format is write-only."
(error "This format is write-only"))
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