Commit 4fbd330f authored by Philipp Stephani's avatar Philipp Stephani

Protect against an infloop in python-mode

There appears to be an edge case caused by using `syntax-ppss' in a
narrowed buffer during JIT lock inside of Python triple-quote strings.
Unfortunately it is impossible to reproduce without manually
destroying the syntactic information in the Python buffer, but it has
been observed in practice.  In that case it can happen that the syntax
caches get sufficiently out of whack so that there appear to be
overlapping strings in the buffer.  As Python has no nested strings,
this situation is impossible and leads to an infloop in
`python-nav-end-of-statement'.  Protect against this by checking
whether the search for the end of the current string makes progress.

* python.el (python-nav-end-of-statement): Protect against infloop.
* progmodes/python-tests.el
(python-tests--python-nav-end-of-statement--infloop): Add unit test.
parent aa0fb4fe
......@@ -1491,10 +1491,18 @@ Optional argument NOEND is internal and makes the logic to not
jump to the end of line when moving forward searching for the end
of the statement."
(interactive "^")
(let (string-start bs-pos)
(let (string-start bs-pos (last-string-end 0))
(while (and (or noend (goto-char (line-end-position)))
(not (eobp))
(cond ((setq string-start (python-syntax-context 'string))
;; The assertion can only fail if syntax table
;; text properties and the `syntax-ppss' cache
;; are somehow out of whack. This has been
;; observed when using `syntax-ppss' during
;; narrowing.
(cl-assert (> string-start last-string-end)
"Overlapping strings detected")
(goto-char string-start)
(if (python-syntax-context 'paren)
;; Ended up inside a paren, roll again.
......@@ -1504,8 +1512,10 @@ of the statement."
(goto-char (+ (point)
(char-after (point)) (point))))
(or (re-search-forward (rx (syntax string-delimiter)) nil t)
(goto-char (point-max)))))
(setq last-string-end
(or (re-search-forward
(rx (syntax string-delimiter)) nil t)
(goto-char (point-max))))))
((python-syntax-context 'paren)
;; The statement won't end before we've escaped
;; at least one level of parenthesis.
......@@ -5314,6 +5314,25 @@ class SomeClass:
(or enabled (hs-minor-mode -1)))))
(ert-deftest python-tests--python-nav-end-of-statement--infloop ()
"Checks that `python-nav-end-of-statement' doesn't infloop in a
buffer with overlapping strings."
(python-tests-with-temp-buffer "''' '\n''' ' '\n"
(syntax-propertize (point-max))
;; Create a situation where strings nominally overlap. This
;; shouldn't happen in practice, but apparently it can happen when
;; a package calls `syntax-ppss' in a narrowed buffer during JIT
;; lock.
(put-text-property 4 5 'syntax-table (string-to-syntax "|"))
(remove-text-properties 8 9 '(syntax-table nil))
(goto-char 4)
(setq-local syntax-propertize-function nil)
;; The next form should not infloop. We have to disable
;; ‘debug-on-error’ so that ‘cl-assert’ doesn’t call the debugger.
(should-error (let ((debug-on-error nil))
(should (eolp))))
(provide 'python-tests)
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