Commit 4fbfd7ad authored by Lars Brinkhoff's avatar Lars Brinkhoff

Fix circular read syntax for records.

* lread.c (substitute_object_recurse): Work with records.

* lread-tests.el (lread-record-1): New test.
parent a2b3fea9
......@@ -3400,7 +3400,8 @@ substitute_object_recurse (Lisp_Object object, Lisp_Object placeholder, Lisp_Obj
if (BOOL_VECTOR_P (subtree))
return subtree; /* No sub-objects anyway. */
else if (CHAR_TABLE_P (subtree) || SUB_CHAR_TABLE_P (subtree)
|| COMPILEDP (subtree) || HASH_TABLE_P (subtree))
|| COMPILEDP (subtree) || HASH_TABLE_P (subtree)
|| RECORDP (subtree))
length = ASIZE (subtree) & PSEUDOVECTOR_SIZE_MASK;
else if (VECTORP (subtree))
length = ASIZE (subtree);
......@@ -112,4 +112,8 @@
(should-error (read "#24r") :type 'invalid-read-syntax)
(should-error (read "#") :type 'invalid-read-syntax))
(ert-deftest lread-record-1 ()
(should (equal '(#s(foo) #s(foo))
(read "(#1=#s(foo) #1#)"))))
;;; lread-tests.el ends here
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