Commit 4fcb3ccf authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(foldout-hide-flag, foldout-show-flag): New variables.

(foldout-exit-fold): Use those variables.
parent 9fc0eb95
......@@ -236,6 +236,15 @@ An end marker of NIL means the fold ends after (point-max).")
;; slip our fold announcement into the list
(setcdr outl-entry (nconc foldout-entry (cdr outl-entry)))
;; outline-flag-region has different `flag' values in outline.el and
;; noutline.el for hiding and showing text.
(defconst foldout-hide-flag
(if (featurep 'noutline) t ?\^M))
(defconst foldout-show-flag
(if (featurep 'noutline) nil ?\n))
(defun foldout-zoom-subtree (&optional exposure)
......@@ -358,12 +367,13 @@ exited and text is left visible."
;; hide the subtree
(if hide-fold
(outline-flag-region start-marker end-of-subtree ?\^M))
(outline-flag-region start-marker end-of-subtree
;; make sure the next heading is exposed
(if end-marker
(outline-flag-region end-of-subtree
beginning-of-heading ?\n))
(outline-flag-region end-of-subtree beginning-of-heading
;; zap the markers so they don't slow down editing
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