Commit 4fd3a710 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(forms-check-number-of-fields): New vbl.

(forms-mode): Don't issue warning if vbl says not to.
parent 945e1965
......@@ -102,6 +102,11 @@
;;; If no write access to the data file is
;;; possible, view mode is enforced.
;;; forms-check-number-of-fields [bool, default t]
;;; If non-nil, a warning will be issued whenever
;;; a record is found that does not have the number
;;; of fields specified by `forms-number-of-fields'.
;;; forms-multi-line [string, default "^K"]
;;; If non-null the records of the data file may
;;; contain fields that can span multiple lines in
......@@ -282,10 +287,10 @@
(provide 'forms) ;;; official
(provide 'forms-mode) ;;; for compatibility
(defconst forms-version (substring "$Revision: 2.18 $" 11 -2)
(defconst forms-version (substring "$Revision: 2.19 $" 11 -2)
"The version number of forms-mode (as string). The complete RCS id is:
$Id: forms.el,v 2.18 1995/06/18 14:43:23 jvromans Exp jvromans $")
$Id: forms.el,v 2.19 1995/07/08 13:16:54 jvromans Exp rms $")
(defvar forms-mode-hooks nil
"Hook functions to be run upon entering Forms mode.")
......@@ -303,6 +308,9 @@
;;; Optional variables with default values.
(defvar forms-check-number-of-fields t
"If non-nil, warn about records with wrong number of fields.")
(defvar forms-field-sep "\t"
"Field separator character (default TAB).")
......@@ -1484,9 +1492,11 @@ Commands: Equivalent keys in read-only mode:
;; Verify the number of fields, extend forms--the-record-list if needed.
(if (= (length forms--the-record-list) forms-number-of-fields)
(message "Warning: this record has %d fields instead of %d"
(length forms--the-record-list) forms-number-of-fields)
(if (null forms-check-number-of-fields)
(message "Warning: this record has %d fields instead of %d"
(length forms--the-record-list) forms-number-of-fields))
(if (< (length forms--the-record-list) forms-number-of-fields)
(setq forms--the-record-list
(append forms--the-record-list
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