Commit 4fdca289 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(run-hooks): defconst deleted.

The initialization is now in eval.c.
parent 2e311f55
......@@ -447,12 +447,6 @@ Please convert your programs to use the variable `baud-rate' directly."
;;;; Hook manipulation functions.
;; We used to have this variable so that C code knew how to run hooks. That
;; calling convention is made obsolete now the hook running functions are in C.
(defconst run-hooks 'run-hooks
"Variable by which C primitives find the function `run-hooks'.
Don't change it. Don't use it either; use the hook running C primitives.")
(defun make-local-hook (hook)
"Make the hook HOOK local to the current buffer.
When a hook is local, its local and global values
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