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2005-07-10 Michael Kifer <>
* viper-cmd.el (viper--key-maps): new variable.
(viper-normalize-minor-mode-map-alist): use viper--key-maps and
* viper-cmd.el (viper--key-maps): New variable.
(viper-normalize-minor-mode-map-alist): Use viper--key-maps and
(viper-envelop-ESC-key): use viper-subseq.
(viper-search-forward/backward/next): disable debug-on-error.
* viper-keym.el (viper-toggle-key,viper-quoted-insert-key,
viper-ESC-key): new defcustoms.
* viper-macs.el (ex-map-read-args): use viper-subseq.
* viper-util.el (viper-key-to-emacs-key): use viper-subseq.
(viper-subseq): copy of subseq from cl.el.
* viper.el (viper-go-away,viper-set-hooks): use
(viper-envelop-ESC-key): Use viper-subseq.
(viper-search-forward/backward/next): Disable debug-on-error.
* viper-keym.el (viper-toggle-key, viper-quoted-insert-key)
(viper-ESC-key): New defcustoms.
* viper-macs.el (ex-map-read-args): Use viper-subseq.
* viper-util.el (viper-key-to-emacs-key): Use viper-subseq.
(viper-subseq): Copy of subseq from cl.el.
* viper.el (viper-go-away, viper-set-hooks): Use
emulation-mode-map-alists, advise self-insert-command, add-minor-mode.
* viper-mous.el (viper-current-frame-saved): use defvar.
* viper-init.el: got rid of -face in face names.
* ediff-diff.el (ediff-extract-diffs,ediff-extract-diffs3):
* viper-mous.el (viper-current-frame-saved): Use defvar.
* viper-init.el: Get rid of -face in face names.
* ediff-diff.el (ediff-extract-diffs, ediff-extract-diffs3):
Make it work with longlines mode
* ediff-mult.el (ediff-meta-mode-hook): new variable.
* ediff-ptch.el (ediff-file-name-sans-prefix): quote regexp.
* ediff-init: got rid of -face in face names.
* ediff-mult.el (ediff-meta-mode-hook): New variable.
* ediff-ptch.el (ediff-file-name-sans-prefix): Quote regexp.
* ediff-init: Get rid of -face in face names.
2005-07-10 Richard M. Stallman <>
* emacs-lisp/edebug.el (edebug-enter): Call with-timeout-suspend
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